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'We get along better if we collaborate with nature instead of trying to dominate it.'  (Buddhist Tenet)

This tenet is the primary principle underlying my artwork. I wholly respect the power of Nature and often feel uncomfortable with man's determination to dominate it.

I have had a varied career, which has included research work in the health service, primary school teaching in the UK, Spain and Thailand, working behind a bar and more recently, in Lockton village shop. I have always felt a need to express a response to the place where I live and work. My travels have greatly influenced my work along with my love for North Yorkshire. Having always felt the need to draw and paint and having attended various art classes along the way, on returning from my travels in SE Asia at the end of 1996, I finally achieved my aim of attending art school in September 1997.

After an intensive and enjoyable year at art college, I was fuelled with enthusiasm for furthering my art. I continued to teach part-time until 2004 and finally became a self-employed artist later that year.

My inspiration comes from the moorland landscape that surrounds me. I explore the theme of walking and sketching in order to make that fundamental connection to the land which I believe is vital to my work.

My current work takes a familiar location and explores different aspects of my emotional response to that place, attempting to harmonise what I see with my ambition to achieve expressive colours.
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